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Are you ready to exponentially grow your business by incorporating sleep apnea therapy into your service mix? Your patients are tired of losing sleep from restless nights and are willing to do anything to get some rest. Isn’t it time you provided them this invaluable service?

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Many offices spend years attempting to incorporate sleep apnea therapy into their practice through trial and error and still fail to get the results they hoped for. If you’re thinking about adding this service into your repertoire or aren’t seeing the results you would like to, our sleep apnea bootcamp can get you the results you’ve been dreaming of!

This bootcamp is designed to help you avoid the irritation of starting from the ground up. In the course, we’ll cover a range of topics such as billing medical insurance, using results-driven marketing techniques, understanding the importance of appliance selection, and tailoring sleep apnea to meet each patient’s individual needs. You’ll get all the tools you need so you can sleep, breathe, and dream easy knowing that success is yours for the taking.

Course Outline

In just six weeks, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of how to provide sleep
apnea therapy for your patient base with both efficiency and ease.

Week 1
Introduction to Sleep Apnea, Appointment Preparation, and Necessary Forms and Documents
Week 2
Medical Insurance Verification
Week 3
Working with MDs and Patient Appointment Design
Week 4
Insurance Follow-Ups and Initial Patient Consultations
Week 5
Sleep Apnea Appliances and Appliance Selection
Week 6
Post-Ops, Follow-Ups, and Dealing with Complications

Don’t wait another second. See real results with our sleep apnea bootcamp.

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